The A-to-Z MBA Package

As our most popular MBA solution, the A-to-Z Package is designed to meet every one of your needs throughout the application process, while offering you the unlimited support and guidance of a team of experts. No matter how fierce the competition for a top MBA program my be, we'll be there to help you succeed. 


What's included?

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Pre-Application Strategy

Before we begin your application, we will deep-dive into your history to understand your profile and better qualify and develop your post-degree goals. Once we’ve understood and formulated your application profile, we can help you identify the MBA programs that best match your objectives.

Admissions CV Review

Your resume will follow you throughout the admissions process: from representing who you are, what you’re capable of achieving professionally, and what you could contribute to the program, to being used to direct the interview process. Your admissions advisor and admissions editor will work with you to shape the CV into the perfect representation of what makes you a valuable addition to you choice MBA program.

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Essay Strategy & Editing

Every program and every essay requires a careful, complicated and unique approach. Your admissions advisor will work with you to look at each essay individually and relative to the whole application to develop an impactful and wholistic story that expresses who you are. After your drafts have been finalized, your admissions editor will review every word that’s utilized to make sure that your voice comes through in the strongest fashion.

Recommendation Letters

Recommendations should never be completed haphazardly. Your admissions advisors will help you understand how to choose ideal recommenders, and how to coach them to develop meaningful and beneficial letters that complement your entire application.

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Misc. Requirements

AA Advisors are here to help you finish the whole application, whatever the requirements. If your MBA application calls for supplementary materials, such as a PowerPoint presentation or an organizational chart, your admissions advisor will have the experience and understanding to help you craft the perfect addition. 

Application Form Overview

In the admissions process, every word counts. Once your application is finished, your admissions advisor will look over the whole of the application form to make sure that every detail is correct.

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Interview Prep

Whether your interview involves alumni or an admissions team, whether you’re being interviewed alone or as part of a team-based discussion, or whether it’s an in-person or video interview, our admissions advisors have the extensive experience necessary to guide you through the process and help you strategize natural and impactful answers through mock interview sessions. We will work not only to improve your content, but also to maximize the appeal of your presentation.

Post-Interview Strategy

Just because the interview is finished, does not mean our job is done. We will continue to follow you along the process to help you with any questions that may arise until you receive your definitive answer.

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