What our clients say about us

I had a great time working with Alliance Admissions. Their support was critical for preparation, MBA choice based on my profile and my post-grad objectives. Overall I am very happy with the outcomes. I have now an MBA from Chicago Booth, moved to Canada and I am on route for a leadership position in one of the Big 4!
— Antoine M. | Chicago Booth

Before working with AA, I was rejected by 8 programmes. It was one of the worst feelings I’ve ever had. I was incredibly demotivated, and felt like giving up. Then I had the chance to see an event and take the time to speak with AA. They were incredibly helpful in highlighting for me the weaknesses in my previous applications and developing a game plan that actually gave me back my confidence. We completely redid my applications and also changed my attitude. The essays were so different that you couldn’t imagine it was the same disorganised person who applied the year before. When I got my acceptance from Wharton I was overjoyed. I owe everyone at AA a giant thanks—you really came through for me!
— Arthur F. | Wharton

I really want to thank the whole team at Alliance Admissions for the help. Before I met with you, I was overwhelmed by the entire exec MBA process. I have a large family and a lot of responsibilities at work, so I didn’t have the time to figure it out. Luckily Alliance Admissions came in and saved my time and sanity. I had a team helping me find the best programmes and build a stellar application. I couldn’t be more pleased with the investment I made and the results I had.
— Richard M. | TRIUM (HEC/LSE/ NYU) & INSEAD

I had the pleasure to work with Alliance Admissions on my application to HBS. My admissions consultant was able to take me through the whole process, from start to finish, with absolute expertise. We also only had two weeks to finish the application, so that he was available anytime, including at midnight, was an immense benefit for me! He was able to help me set my profile apart, while making sure to explain away any weaknesses. What was also incredibly valuable was the amount of intelligence he had when it came to storytelling. He was really able to translate my ideas and history into a single interconnected story within the application. Finally, since English is not my first language, the editing process was incredibly important to properly get my voice across. Thank you so much for all your help. I could not recommend these services more.
— Ibrahim M. | HBS

I wouldn’t have made it without you. Alliance was just amazing. I felt like giving up so many times, because my GMAT was going bad, cause of the work problems, but you never stopped supporting me. That means so much. Really didn’t think I could make it, but now I’m heading to Judge.
— Mia B. | Cambridge Judge

I just got the news: I also made it into MIT!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Now I just have to choose between INSEAD, Columbia and MIT :).
— Jan B. | INSEAD, Columba & MIT Sloan

From the start, the team at AA was there for me 100%. Greg even introduced me to programs I didn’t know existed, and I went to one of them! The help was absolutely complete: we worked on every part of the application, timelines, essays, recommendation letters and prep for the interview processes. The most important aspect of my admissions journey was the psychological support. It’s not easy applying for business school and you can add up stressed over different aspects. My advisors were always there to give me a lot of support and help. In the end I got into MIT and Chicago! I went to MIT and couldn’t be happier! I’d recommend AA to anyone.
— Boulam A. | MIT Sloan & Chicago Booth

Alliance Admissions was a big part in getting me accepted to HEC’s and INSEAD’s MBA programs. I originally contacted them a year before I began, but had to come back to them because of changes to my plans. For the entire process, I was able to get the kind of advice and feedback that gave me a competitive advantage in the application game. If you’re looking for admissions help, I would absolutely advise you to use their services.
— Edouard R. | INSEAD & HEC

I didn’t have the chance to get an MBA earlier in my career, but it was definitely something I still wanted to do to bring my career to the next level. The consultants at Alliance were a huge benefit to me. I was definitely struggling with the applications and everything else before I met them.
My primary consultant cleared everything up and made the process just flow. Also I really loved that I had the knowledge of a director available to help me anytime. He was a huge benefit and was always so pleasant to speak to, giving me a ton of advice the whole time. It was so great to feel I had so many experts backing me up!

I can’t believe I’ve just been admitted to Wharton, Stanford and HBS!! Thank you guys so much. When I started I didn’t even think that I could make it to the US. I honestly don’t know how I would have done it without you guys. Everyone was just so amazing and supportive. And whenever I felt lost, you always had a solution. BIG THANKS!
— Anne G. | Stanford, Wharton & HBS

AA was instrumental in getting me into the Stanford MSx Program. The application process seemed daunting from the onset, but my consultant was able to break it down into the most logical series of steps, which were easy to follow from start to finish. For every part of the application, he helped me identify the most important elements to represent and how to highlight the uniqueness of my profile, including a lot I wouldn’t have thought to mention at all. I am extremely thankful for the amazing support of AA and strongly recommend them to anyone looking to tackle the admissions process!
— Nicolas D. | Stanford Msx

Your help means everything to me! I couldn’t have done it without you! Now I’m heading overseas to follow my dreams.
— Aditya V. | HEC & NYU

London has been such a huge dream for me and now I’m going to go study in LBS! I want to stress how much Alliance helped me, start to finish. You really were the key for me.
— Manon W. | London Business School

Working with Alliance Admissions was one of the best decisions I made.
They supported me all along the application process, be it for the resume, for the statement of purpose, or to make the appropriate choice of recommenders. I got an interview in each one of the universities where I applied! I also had the opportunity to practice mock interviews with my admissions consultant, that help me gain a lot of confidence.
I finally got accepted at Princeton, Berkeley and MIT, and can’t say how happy and thankful I am!
— Henri P. | Princeton, Berkeley & MIT

Let me start by thanking everyone at Alliance Admissions for being so patient with me. I came in a bit confused about the whole thing and a bit too certain about the wrong things. My consultant sat me down and gave me the sort of insights I was really craving. Everything from there was just so perfectly handled by everyone that I can’t praise you enough! I really want to add that if you’re looking to get into a top program make sure you get Alliance Admissions to help.
— Sofia V. | Kellogg-HKUST & HEC

Everyone told me I was told old. But you were absolutely sure I could get a top MBA. Now I got accepted to Haas and DUKE. I can’t wait for next year.
— Jean-Paul D. | Duke Fuqua & Berkeley Haas

INSEAD SAID YES! So excited!!! I want to say that without AA, none of this would have been possible. I was amazed by how professional every response was. Especially from my advisor who was just so focused and strategic. The resume and essays were perfection thanks to you. The interview session made me feel so calm about the actual interview and just in control. The constant support and openness was invaluable. So happy.
— Francesca B. | INSEAD

My stories seemed so dull when I wrote them but you guys made them come to life. And the editing made such a huge difference. Still shocked by the good news!
— Richard W. | Stanford

The big differentiator for me was the whole Alliance team environment. Right from the start I knew that you guys cared about my goals and were going to get me there. I can’t believe I’m going to INSEAD. I can’t recommend your services enough.
— Marco L. | INSEAD, HEC & CEIBS

Alliance Admissions provided valuable assistance in preparing applications to top MBA programs, that enabled to validate quickly some program choices and reject others, and editing essays far more
powerful than my own. I was accepted by Chicago Booth. Thank you for helping to get such a life asset!
— Maxime T. | Chicago Booth

Thrilled about my acceptance to Bocconi. I think my consultant and I worked on more than 10 different versions of the essays until we had exactly what I needed. He is an awesome person and was totally supportive!
— William H. | Bocconi

It’s official: I’ve been accepted to all three EMBAs. I want to thank everyone at Alliance Admissions for their hard work and dedication. I felt like I had just the right support to keep me gliding along. And I 100% believe AA was able to bring out the best in me and show the schools why I would make such a great candidate. Thank you for helping me along this journey.
— Thomas C. | INSEAD, HEC & Washington Olin

Guess what. Got into IE and IMD! Thanks for all the help. It was perfect.
— Emma O. | IE & IMD

I had a very generic profile and a really hard time figuring out how to make myself stand out. Alliance Admissions was a miracle worked that transformed the mundane into the extraordinary. I never thought I could hit a top program but Alliance belived more in me than even I did.
— Javier H. | IESE & Ross

I am overly satisfied with my consultant’s work. She was very professional and provided excellent advice through the complete process. I never felt that she didn’t have an answer or that she wasn’t sure of what to do—that gave me a large confidence boost. Additionally, she was so involved that it seemed like a team sharing a goal. I could not have asked for a better consultant.
— Maxime A. | Oxford Saïd

I’m so grateful for everything AA did for me. The support was huge. The team was great. Everything was so perfect. What I loved most was the personal touch on everything and the sense of control. I always felt in control and that the next step was clear.
— Luca P. | INSEAD

I was accepted into Chicago’s MBA program. From the beginning of my application process, Alliance Admissions stood out in terms of their level of expertise and their thorough understanding of what the admissions board expects at every step. Also, something very important to my success was the support I received from the whole AA team. It was really more than just a service. It was a relationship. Even after my acceptance, AA stayed in touched and provided me with advice and support. Thank you so much!
— Ekaterina H. | Chicago Booth

With my grades, I thought HEC would definitely say no, but Alliance helped me craft an application that got me into my dream MBA. Thank you!!!
— Paul A. | HEC

When I began this journey more than a year ago with you guys, I had no idea that I’d end up sitting here with invites to HBS and Wharton. Everything seemed impossible and Alliance made it so easy by making the perfect game plan. When things started going bad you always had a solution to turn it around. I’m so grateful for everything.
— David M. | HBS and Wharton

Alliance was such a huge competitive advantage for setting me apart from everyone else for GSB. From choosing a school to preping for the interviews, everything was handled perfectly. I can’t recommend my advisor enough. So, so much help.
— Helen C. | Stanford

MIT was just a name until I started working with you guys. I am certain that I had wero chance of getting in before I met you. Now I’m getting my VISA ready for Sloan. The work you guys did to help me discover my strengths and weaknesses was incredibly valuable. Also working with my advisor on all aspects of the application, diving into the different parts of my history, exploring ways to approach MIT and its program was central to my acceptance. Execution on all aspects was spotless. I couldn’t imaging doing this without him.
— Pierre R. | MIT

First I got into UCLA. Now Darden said yes! Thank you for all of this! The best support I could have ever imagined!
— Camille P. | Darden & Anderson

I had no clue how hard the application process was until I began. There were so many pieces and I kept getting lost among them. Luckily, I found Alliance Admissions. They are the main reason I’m going to be able to pursue an MBA at Yale. So honest and professionial and just open and available. My advisor was the absolute best. Her experience was ideal for developing my strategy and working on the written documents. She also has the best sense of humor and attitude, which really helped me stay relaxed and engaged.
— Thomas G. | Yale

Alliance was the best move I made in my b-school application process, and not just cause I got into Columbia! Immediately when I started, I knew that I had the support of the whole team behind me. Everyone was really accessible and positive about my work. The experience that my advisor had fit my goals exactly and we had a wonerful relationship. And everything was structured out and adapted for me. If you’re doing b-school apps, I HIGHLY recommend Alliance.
— Caroline O. | Columbia

LBS was my main target and I was afraid my profile was too average for them. One of the companies I met, even told me that. I should aim lower. I’m a little too old, a little too plain. Alliance Admissions, however, was honest that it was an uphill battle but they also said that they would do everything they could to help me win it. And they did!!! We worked on every aspect of my application, making sure to really identify and show LBS my strengths. We really dug deep and went through a LOT of edits, but in the end, we came out with a great application. I’m very happy that I chose to go with Alliance.
— Felix L. | London Business School

I was accepted today to the MBA at Kellogg. I am so excited about this. You guys totally made it possible. I want to add that I had the single most perfect advisor and the director was so amazing. They were the best support. And there was no part in the whole process where I felt you did anything but the best work. Thank you.
— Yasmine S. | Kellogg

I want to share the amazing news that our first choice, HBS accepted me! :). When I started the application process, I was so overwhelmed with work, I didn’t think I had enough time to apply. Plus everyone was telling me I couldn’t get into a US school. That I should aim low. When I talked with Alliance, I was a mess, but you guys were able to just reassure me about everything. You helped me identify MBAs that matched my needs and a strategy that fit what I wanted. Also, you knew how to really help underline what made me special in my app. Thank you again for everything!
— Anna D. | HBS

I was selected for LBS Columbia! So happy for the news and that all that work paid off. Really wanted to thank both my consultant and the director for all the wonderful support, and the editor was just so great with the writing! Without Alliance I don’t think I would have been able to do this.
— Laurent Y. | LBS-Columbia

I just heard back from MIT… I got in! I’m so excited. I feel like I’m starting a completely new chapter in my life. Thank you so much for your extraordinary help!
— CHARLOTTE W. | MIT & ESSEC M.Business Analytics

I want to express my sincere gratitude to the whole team for the amazing help you gave me. First off, my consultant was always there when I needed help. She provided me awesome support on the CV, essays and rec letters, and she trained me to really ace the interview stage, which I was nervous about at first. I can’t thank her enough! The editor did amazing work helping my style come out and sound professional. I also want to really thank my director. I didn’t originally think I could get into ESADE and definitely not Columbia. He really helped me dream big and that was a huge part of my success, and he was really kind with his time answering any of my questions. I owe you guys!
— Sophie T. | Columbia & ESADE M.Marketing

IMD—got accepted! Knew we could do it! Thank you, AA!!!!
— William C. | IMD

I didn’t think I needed an admissions consultant but I decided to just talk with Alliance Admissions to see what kind of advice they offer. The call helped me so much that I decided to sign up with them. The results speak for themselves, I got into LBS, ESCP and Bocconi. I’m over the moon.
— LBS, ESCP & Bocconi M.Management

The application process would have been impossible without Alliance. I felt I had the support of the ideal group of people. Before I met with my consultant, I didn’t even know if I could get into an MIM and now I’ve got offers from St Gallen and HEC because of your help. Thank you for helping me achieve the best.
— Victor B. | University of St.Gallen & HEC